La Mano

T-shirt dipinta a mano 100% cotone.
Doppia cucitura in cotone con finiture in taglio al vivo.
Tintura a freddo. Disegni realizzati con colori anallergici ad alta tenuta/solidità.
Tessuti stabilizzati. Made in Italy.


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Isla Blanca is passionate about authenticity and creativity Made in Italy. To provide a top-quality product, each T-shirt is handmade and hand-painted in Italy. All the products are works of art to be experienced every day, unique and unrepeatable items designed to be worn casually with any style or outfit.

Our works are the result of the fantasy of our artists that, thank to their idea of art, instill on Isla Blanca clothes precious moments of passion and moods. Our products have unique aesthetics thanks to a special colouring process and hand- painting of the fabrics.