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Artwork to wear

Thanks to our artists, your T-shirt will be an exclusive item to wear with pride and to collect. The colors used for the designs are hypoallergenic and high-tight, to ensure the respect of the skin and the safety in washing.

Ariel Santana

Ariel Santana never ceases to amaze us. Each time it offers a new work worthy of being worn every day.

Stefania Lana

Stefania Lana is our collaborator since the beginning of our project. Proud to have you again on our team.

Guido Quiriconi

Guido Tattooer is specialized in Japanese style tattoos, a passion that transmits on fabric with his truly original designs.

Sara Zamperlin

We fell in love with the unique style of Sara Zamperlin. His drawings give our collection a magical touch.

Sharon Colli

Last arrived in the family, Sharon Colli, has been able to be recognized with his approach to the art that enchants and fascinates.

Fabio Pasquali

Sometimes he draws, sometimes he paints, sometimes he creates digital images. In his often irreverent work we read the attempt, ironically, to introduce chaos into order

Andrea Quartieri

A multifaceted architect and artist, Andrea has been painting vintage cars and motorcycles for 20 years, exhibiting his works both in Italy and abroad. He also worked for prestigious car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.


Our works are the result of the imagination of our artists that thanks to their conception of art they transmit on the garments Isla Blanca precious moments of passion and states of mind.

Each stroke, color, and design tell the emotion of a story.

Do you want to become an Isla Blanca artist?

The designs of the next collection could be yours!

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