The new spray aromatherapy WATER clothing Isla Blanca, can be vaporized every tissue.
The use of these particular blends of natural essential oils helps away daily stress, giving a deep feel feel during the day.

The WATER aromatherapy Isla Blanca content acts according to the principles of aromatherapy through three different notes frequencies of energetic action:

  • The note "high" also called "Head" which acts at a spiritual level by giving a stimulating effect helping merger activity.
  • The average note also called "Heart" which acts at the level Emotional .
  • The low note also called "the Fund" that physically give a relaxing feeling that lasts.

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Isla Blanca Aromatherapy Water is contained in elegant glass vials with a sprayer cap and is available in four fragrances: Sea Woods , Silk , Mango and Pomegranate , Spice .

Isla Blanca aromatherapy water is characterized by good durability, for high quality fragrances and exceptional delicacy in olfactory perception.

As per our "philosophy" even Isla Blanca aromatherapy water is a product made entirely in Italy with natural essential oils with IFRA security certificates .


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