How we create our products

Nothing is left to chance and every step has been studied in detail in order to offer a top-quality product. All our products have unique aesthetics thanks to a special colouring process and hand- painting of the fabrics.

Over the years, Isla Blanca has seen the contribution of several international artists who for each of our collections have designed products that are unique, original and unrepeatable.
The diversity of the colours, patterns and designs make our T-shirts simple to combine with any outfit.

All the fabrics used are stabilised with raw-cut edges and double cotton stitching.

Made in Italy

The entire manufacturing process of our T-shirts is 100% "Made in Italy".
Something that for us is a source of pride and the expression of a tradition experienced and breathed, the result of a craftsmanship and industrial wisdom recognised internationally.
The heart of Isla Blanca beats with love for the simple things of life and the pleasure of a slow manufacturing process, which give shape to an authentic art all to wear.

Unique fabrics hand-painted

Thanks to the cold-colouring and painting of the fabrics, each item is unique and unrepeatable.

The hand-painting process uses hypoallergenic colours applied on the finished garment. This is the moment when our artists transform ideas into indelible images.
The common denominator is always the skill that adds passion and vitality to our T-shirts.

Isla Blanca T-shirts harbour an emotion where fashion and trends become stories and feelings that have a story to convey.

Your T-shirt will be an exclusive item to be worn with pride and to collect.


Isla Blanca for ABEO

ABEO is an NGO founded in 1988 by the initiative of some parents of children suffering from leukemia and tumors.

ABEO aims to promote and support all initiatives in favor of the oncology empathic children in terms of prevention, early diagnosis, optimal treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration in a normal way…

Isla Blanca support ABEO activity of Transplantation Project of Villa Fantelli, donating a part of the gains from the sale of each T-Shirt.



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