Our works are the result of the fantasy of our artists that, thank to their idea of art, instill on Isla Blanca clothes precious moments of passion and moods.

Guido Quiriconi

Guido Quiriconi


Guido Quiriconi was born 45 years ago in Verona and since he was a child he showed a passion in design and colors. That's because he approached the tattoo art that made him left for U.S.A to graduate at the Lady Luck Tattoo Academy.

After that he started tattooing in few American tattoo studios and took part in some tattoo conventions in U.S.A.

As he came back to Italy, he specialized in Japanese style tattoos and opened his own studio in Verona: Ink Lab Tattoo.
Stefania Lana

Stefania Lana


From childhood to Stefania Lana he liked the design and all that the manual could result in art.
Growing the "play" with the colors the transmitted happiness, serenity and positive energy.

Artistically good at many painting techniques but always attentive to new experiments.

Attentive to nature ... adept at regenerating old items of furniture using his excellent skills in contrast color.

Simone Noseda


Born in Como 49 years ago but in effect Veronese by adoption. He begins his artistic career at 20 years in the theater, which, for a long time, it becomes his play-work. Meanwhile he graduated in psychology and started to study painting. His works express everything that makes his character.

The play of colors of his works like and excite ... Thirty years after the approach to Eastern spirituality led him to visit several countries in the world ... where he met several artists with whom we compare, enlarges and modifies his artistic interests.


Sara Zamperlin


Sara Zamperlin was born in Legnago, a small city in the province of Verona with an important historical relevance capable of giving characteristic shape to those willing to live it to the fullest.

The artist began her training at the Castelmassa Institute of Applied Arts (l’Istituto d’Arte Applicata di Castelmassa) and followed with courses in antique dealing and restoration in which she received qualification as an expert in the conservation, preservation and restoration of classic works of art (Tecnico della Conservazione, Manutenzione e Restauro Beni Artistici).

During these critical years of development she began her unique search for a way to bring the arts of painting and restoration together.


Ariel Santana


The valuable contribution of Ariel Santana, an excellent Cuban painter who has been collaborating with our factory for a few years , makes our paintings even more precious.

Ariel Santana transfers on our fabric all the passion and  joy  of life of the Cuban people.
These unique " masterpieces" are the fruit of the imagination and experience of a life spent among the scents and immersed in the colors of the Caribbean land so rich in contrasts.

ISLA BLANCA and Ariel Santana... experience, research and experimentation !

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