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Isla Blanca was born in 2013 out of the desire to create an exclusive artistic product. The project aims to make each item unique, transforming it into a lifestyle.

The whole manufacturing process of our T-shirts is in tune with this ambition: from the fabric cold-painted traditionally to the final painting by hand.

Our T-shirts are proud of their minor imperfections, because they are proof of the creativity of our artists and the manual skills of our craftsmen. Each T-shirt is therefore unique and unrepeatable.

Time and experience have allowed us to merge the old methods of textile crafts typically Made in Italy with ongoing experimentation, in the pursuit of new processing techniques.

Our products are the result of a careful selection of the materials and are made from stabilised fabrics painted with highly resistant and hypoallergenic colours.

Aldo Gadioli and Stefano Grisotto, the founders of Isla Blanca, share a long-lasting friendship that has spanned about 35 years. Both have a strong love for clothing and an endless passion for art, as well as extensive experience in the fashion industry.

Isla Blanca for them is not only a brand which is representative of a T-shirt, but it is above all a passion that excites and involves them in a unique way of life. Every day their work is the clear expression of the enthusiasm that led them to make this innovative project grow year after year.

Isla Blanca is still in the process of evolving and in constant motion, just as the creativity of the artists who work to achieve the success of the brand.


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